• Michelle Saba, Account Director, Praxis

      Michelle Saba, Account Director, Praxis 

      To Michelle, food is fascinating and inspiring and has taken her on an exciting journey from behind the pen to behind the camera. After first graduating with an Honours B.A. from the University of Guelph, she then completed the Post-Graduate Journalism Program at Humber College, where her passion for food naturally married with her joy of writing. Her first freelance stories included an interview with Carlo Rota (The Great Canadian Food Show) and high-profile food events like the Santé Wine Festival and the Gourmet Food & Wine Show. Michelle then put down the pen to pursue a dream of worki

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    • Janice Chan, Ontario Marketing Team Leader, Whole Foods Market

      Janice Chan, Ontario Marketing Team Leader, Whole Foods Market 

      Janice oversees and supports the marketing, community and public relations initiatives for Whole Foods Market in Ontario. She creates and seeks out new marketing opportunities in existing and emerging areas, building brand awareness through grassroots and corporate relationships.

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    • Stephanie Dickison, Author, The 30-Second Commute

      Stephanie Dickison, Author, The 30-Second Commute 

      Not only do I review restaurants and write about food for a living, I spend much of my “free” time cooking, shopping for ingredients and basically thinking about what I’m going to make next. A good portion of my book - The 30-Second Commute: A Non-Fiction Comedy About Writing and Working From Home - about my career as pop culture, book, music and restaurant critic, is dedicated to my experiences in restaurants and with chefs. I have spent much of my career writing with one hand and eating or stirring a pot with the other. This is the life.

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    • Jess Bennett, SapientNitro

      Jess Bennett, SapientNitro 

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    • Jessica Allen, Assistant Editor, Macleans.ca

      Jessica Allen, Assistant Editor, Macleans.ca 

      Writing and editing for the magazine's website in the areas of arts, life and culture, and continuing to contribute both to MacleansTV and to the print magazine  Former Freelance Writer at Maclean's, Toronto Life, Globe and Mail, CityBites.

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    • Erik Deutsch, Principal, ExcelPR Group

      Erik Deutsch, Principal, ExcelPR Group 

      Erik Deutsch (@erikdeutsch) is a media strategist with more than 15 years of experience in PR and buzz marketing. As principal of ExcelPR Group, he has created award-winning campaigns for tech, healthcare and entertainment clients. An early adopter of online tactics, he helped launch Interactive PR News in 1995 as the first national newsletter on new media for PR pros. Erik teaches social media best practices at UCLA Extension and currently blogs at 

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    • Max Lufer, SEO Pro

      Max Lufer, SEO Pro 

      Max Lufer, is the Director, of Business Development - Search & Social Media at NVI With over 12 years experience in IT and digital marketing with the past 8 years in a management capacity. Max works with top tier national and international clients on integrated digital marketing campaigns.

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    • Thom Craver, SEO Manager, TopRank Online Marketing

      Thom Craver, SEO Manager, TopRank Online Marketing 

      Thom is the Senior Technical SEO Manager at TopRank Online Marketing, specializing in Internet marketing consulting, training, and implementation services. With nearly 20 years in HTML and Web experience, very few people have the unique perspectives on making the Web work for business than Thom. He has been using  hypertext  since 1992 and has written HTML since 1993. He has systems administration skills in UNIX/Linux servers, including various Web servers, email and DNS. Because of this, he knows the best ways of optimizing Web servers for speed a

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    • Chuck Ortiz, Editor, Acquired Taste Magazine

      Chuck Ortiz, Editor, Acquired Taste Magazine 

      Toronto native Chuck Ortiz has always been in and around the world of food. From dishwasher, to line cook, and even caterer, there isn't a job in this industry he hasn't had. His love for the food industry led him to want to document it for people on the outside looking in. He started Acquired Taste Magazine in hopes to change food journalism and to bring more attention to the individuals that make the industry what it is. A year after launching their print version, ACQTASTE, the magazine can now be found world wide and has a strong readership that keeps on growing.

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    • Reena Newman, Photographer, Reenanewman.com

      Reena Newman, Photographer, Reenanewman.com 

      Reena grew up in a traditional household where food wasn't just sustenance; it had history, meaning and purpose. Her grandmother taught her at a young age that the most important part of any dish was the passion that went into it. It was this reverence for food and the stories that it can tell, which led Reena to start shooting the dishes she loves so much. Her work has always been about more than just the food in front of the lens. It’s about how crumbs on an otherwise empty plate can tell an elaborate story or how a simple marshmallow can have so much artistry behind it. By finding the passi

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